We offer full COSHH assessments and servicing facilities to ensure that your system is both efficient and complies to all current COSHH Regulations.


Key Points
  • Every employer's LEV system requires statutory 'thorough examination and testing' by a competent person. 
  • The examination and testing report should have a prioritised  list of any remedial actions for the employer
  • The employer's engineer and person responsible for health and safety both need to see the report.
A thorough examination and test (aka LEV COSHH test) is a detailed and systematic examination sufficient to ensure that the LEV can continue to perform as intended by design and will contribute to the adequate control of exposure. The thorough examination would normally include such functional testing to provide sufficient evidence to indicate adequate control is being achieved. The thorough examination and test must be carried out by a competent person who is able to make an objective assessment of the LEV. 

The maximum time between LEV tests is 14 months. In practice, this normally taken to mean annually. If wear and tear on the LEV system is liable to mean that the system effectiveness will degrade between tests then thorough examinations and tests should be more frequent. 

A thorough examination and testing of LEV will comprise of three stages.
  • Stage 1 - A thorough visual examination to verify the LEV is in efficient working order, in good repair and in clean condition.
  • Stage 2 - Measuring and examining the technical performance to check conformity with commissioning or other sources of relevant information. 
  • Stage 3 -  Assessment to check the control of worker exposure is adequate.
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